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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never used beard products how do you apply it and how much?

Depending on the length of your beard or thickness, use anywhere from 2 pumps to 5 pumps from the bottle. Pump into the palm of your hand then rub your hands together to spread the oil and warm it.  Start at your neck and work your fingers through your beard.  It is important to apply 1st pass as if you were trying to put it on your skin beneath your beard.  Finish by rubbing your hands down the outside, then comb, brush or leave it natural.

What’s the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Beard oil will have a little higher fragrance at the beginning but will fade as the day passes.  High notes in the fragrance will fade first, then medium and finally the low notes.  Beard Balm is thicker because it typically has bees wax and/or Shea butter in it.  The scent will be somewhat milder, but will last longer between the fade portions.  Balm is also great for unruly beards.

Can I use regular shampoo versus beard wash on my beard?

The PH of your skin on your face is much lower than the PH in your scalp.  Shampoo’s typically are too high in PH and contain sulfates, both of which will dry your face beneath your beard (“Bearddruff”) and make your beard brittle and lead to breakage.  A good beard wash is sulfate free and low in PH.

Should I use beard oil even if I use a beard wash?

Yes, you should use oil or balm to maintain a healthy beard and skin beneath it.  A good beard wash will still remove some of the natural oils in your beard, so you want to replenish with beard oil or beard balm.

Should I wash my beard daily?

Most beards are better to wash every other day so that you don’t pull out the oils every day.  Some who have oily skin, may need to wash daily and the key is to put those products on after, especially if you wash daily.


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